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It really really seems like matter is solid.  And yet, when we look closer and closer, we find there is actually nothing solid there at all.

Likewise, it really really seems like we are bodies that are alive and conscious.  And yet, when we look for that life and consciousness in the brain, nervous system, heart, cells, DNA … it is nowhere to be found.


There are 2 fundamentally different ways to proceed from here:

  1. Since it really really seems like matter is solid and life and consciousness are in the body, then assume that they just are.


  1. Make the opposite assumption.  Although it really really seems like matter is real and life and consciousness are in the body, it must be an illusion, a misunderstanding.  OK though, now what?!


Assumption #1 is the standard way of life for most of us.  And we’re realizing that at this level of understanding we can find ourselves anxious, depressed, in debt, lonely, sick, frustrated, angry, resentful or purposeless.  Of course it's not all bad, but the typical thinking built off of assumption #1 is that we must take the good with the bad, or earn the good by getting through the bad, or continually be worthy of the good or risk falling into the bad.


Since assumption #1 has been normal for so long, collectively as humanity we’ve come up to a brick wall of unsolvable problems from this level of understanding like climate crisis, deteriorating health conditions and polarizing social conditions. 


Which brings us back to OK, now what?!


Since we’re no longer assuming that you are your body, the first thing we need is a new understanding of who, or actually it's even deeper, of what you are.   We used to experience ourselves as constrained by matter, things like our health or how much money we had and could make.  But if there is no substance or reality in matter, what has actually been limiting us all along and how do we demonstrate that material conditions do not affect how we live life?


When we were living under assumption #1 and we needed more information, we found it outside of ourselves.  We took aptitude assessments, personality tests, talked to experts and doctors, went to school to learn from other people, found people who already had what we wanted and studied them.  This may have worked up to a certain point, but collectively as a species we are beyond that point.  And many of us as individuals are beyond that point also.


So instead we go inside for everything we couldn’t learn and find outside ourselves.  I know this sounds trite, but stay with me here.  After all, your literal birthright is a human body.  If we stop looking at it as alive and as you, we can see it as a laboratory made up of various kinds of sensors.  And this lab is staffed with YOU! The foremost expert in life and consciousness because you have the only qualification that there really is in that you are alive and conscious.  Any other qualifications are a misdirect.  The first step in going forward under assumption #2 is to let that soak in.  


You might also find it helpful to have a talk about it.  And if you’ve made it this far reading this, I’d love to talk to you.  


Living under assumption #1 for me led to burnout, working hard to be worthy and prove I’m valuable in all my relationships, personal and professional.  Holding my breath anytime life was calm because I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Living under assumption #2 is freedom with unlimited resources and unlimited inspiration to go create with them.  And it really does happen from just changing the assumptions you are making about yourself and reality.

Meet Lily

Meet the original
Mindset Engineer

Hi, I'm Molly

Hi, I’m Molly.  Just like you, I used to be a young child.  I took apart everything I could and built my own machines from erector sets and Legos and eventually grew up to be an engineer.  On my way there, I spent four years in the Army as an intelligence analyst to serve my country. 


The combination of experience as an engineer and an analyst gave me critical thinking skills that I directed inwards to figure out how the human mind works and how do we become the designers for our own lives.  I found these answers when I met Bob Proctor.  He introduced me to a repeatable reliable system to program your own mind so that you bring into your life the people and experiences that make you grow into the fullest expression of yourself. 


Learning to access to my own brain 'code' and how to reprogram it to align with my honest and highest dreams for myself transformed my life.  Your brain is running a program just like mine is, and if you don't like the results your program is getting you, then we should talk!


Molly is an aerospace engineer turned mindset coach.  I've worked and known a lot of coaches over the past 20 years but Molly immediately impressed me with her intelligence and education.  She has a firm grip on the principles that affect our subconscious and has helped me to make powerful changes in my life in some areas that had  ben bothering me for some time.  She provides a safe space, educates with mind-blowing information and teaches techniques you can use and apply right away.


Working with Veterans

When we entered the military, we went through basic training where we were effectively converted from civilians to soldiers.  This was more than just training in our MOS skills, it was a new identity that we became for a period of time.  When we left the military, we were not reprogrammed into civilians though.  And while we are proud to have served and being a veteran will always be part of your identity, it would be useful to have an updated program running a new civilian career.

The marvelous human mind is like a computer and accepts new programming at any age.  My work as a Mindset Engineer teaches people to take their conscious intellectual goals and program them into the subconscious mind so that their habitual behavior achieves that goal.  It’s like programming your goal as a destination into a GPS and then having the directions constantly adapt in real time so you just need to get up and follow them to get exactly what you want in life.

Not only can you be reprogrammed into a civilian, but you can be very specific about the next program you want installed.  Do you want a certain position at a company? To be an entrepreneur?  What kind of impact and role do you want in your community through your work? How much money do you want to make? Where and how do you want to live?

My job is to teach you to reprogram your mindset, your job is to pick the program.   We will host monthly online meetings to teach Mindset Engineering and interview successful individuals to expose you to many different income producing strategies and most importantly about the mindset, goals and persistence that everyone used to become successful.


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