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Design the mindset you need to get the results you want.

We often hear “change is hard”. However, it is more accurate to say that change is scary.  It’s not about being stubborn or stuck in your ways, it’s about the state of your nervous system.  At a very high level, what is easy for your body when it is cued into rest and restore (RR) side of the nervous system, is hard when it is cued for fight or flight (FF) instead. 

As an engineer, when I hear that something is hard, I look for what makes it hard and address that block instead of forcing what is stuck.  In the case of change, it is being in FF that is making it hard, the nervous system in FF is fear, and fear is not an outside condition, it is an inner condition. 

Mindset Engineering™ is the system of designing the inner condition required to make the desired outer condition easy.  I know this is a very high-level explanation.  Please watch and read some of the resources linked to this page to understand how this process works to create life changing effects. 

I work with beautiful minds.

The Process

Pick your destination

Think of your brain like a GPS.  It gives you directions to any destination you pick.

Program GPS destination

Setting a goal for yourself is programming a new destination into your internal GPS.

Focus on the destination

Taking action aligned with your goal establishes new habits for you.  And these new habits bring you to your goal.

Meet Lily

Meet the original
Mindset Engineer

Hi, I'm Molly

Hi, I’m Molly.  Just like you, I used to be a young child.  I took apart everything I could and built my own machines from erector sets and Legos and eventually grew up to be an engineer.  On my way there, I spent four years in the Army as an intelligence analyst to serve my country. 


The combination of experience as an engineer and an analyst gave me critical thinking skills that I directed inwards to figure out how the human mind works and how do we become the designers for our own lives.  I found these answers when I met Bob Proctor.  He introduced me to a repeatable reliable system to program your own mind so that you bring into your life the people and experiences that make you grow into the fullest expression of yourself. 


Learning to access to my own brain 'code' and how to reprogram it to align with my honest and highest dreams for myself transformed my life.  Your brain is running a program just like mine is, and if you don't like the results your program is getting you, then we should talk!


Molly is an aerospace engineer turned mindset coach.  I've worked and known a lot of coaches over the past 20 years but Molly immediately impressed me with her intelligence and education.  She has a firm grip on the principles that affect our subconscious and has helped me to make powerful changes in my life in some areas that had  ben bothering me for some time.  She provides a safe space, educates with mind-blowing information and teaches techniques you can use and apply right away.


Working with Veterans

When we entered the military, we went through basic training where we were effectively converted from civilians to soldiers.  This was more than just training in our MOS skills, it was a new identity that we became for a period of time.  When we left the military, we were not reprogrammed into civilians though.  And while we are proud to have served and being a veteran will always be part of your identity, it would be useful to have an updated program running a new civilian career.

The marvelous human mind is like a computer and accepts new programming at any age.  My work as a Mindset Engineer teaches people to take their conscious intellectual goals and program them into the subconscious mind so that their habitual behavior achieves that goal.  It’s like programming your goal as a destination into a GPS and then having the directions constantly adapt in real time so you just need to get up and follow them to get exactly what you want in life.

Not only can you be reprogrammed into a civilian, but you can be very specific about the next program you want installed.  Do you want a certain position at a company? To be an entrepreneur?  What kind of impact and role do you want in your community through your work? How much money do you want to make? Where and how do you want to live?

My job is to teach you to reprogram your mindset, your job is to pick the program.   We will host monthly online meetings to teach Mindset Engineering and interview successful individuals to expose you to many different income producing strategies and most importantly about the mindset, goals and persistence that everyone used to become successful.


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