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Transformation Coaching

Are you ready to be a new person?  Not just to have new things, but to experience life and the world differently?

If you have ever gotten the job you’ve wanted and then felt imposter syndrome.  Or saved up and bought the new car, house, vacation, wardrobe but soon felt like something is missing.  Or ended one relationship just to find yourself with similar problems in the next relationship.  Then you are looking for personal transformation but you are putting all your work into a part of the process where you have no leverage to make changes.

I’ve studied the mechanism of the personal transformation process.  You can make profound and rapid changes in your life when you work from where you have the leverage.  That is what brought me to starting from my mindset and I invite you to join me.

This isn’t career coaching, health coaching, relationship coaching etc.  It is a redesign process.  My role is drawing out of you, through conversation and writing exercises, your design requirements.  How do you want to show up in the world?  How do you want to feel as you live life?  How do you want other people to see and treat you?  Then I’ll walk with you through the process of becoming your ideal self as you’ve defined it. 


Molly is an aerospace engineer turned mindset coach.  I've worked and known a lot of coaches over the past 20 years but Molly immediately impressed me with her intelligence and education.  She has a firm grip on the principles that affect our subconscious and has helped me to make powerful changes in my life in some areas that had  ben bothering me for some time.  She provides a safe space, educates with mind-blowing information and teaches techniques you can use and apply right away.


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